Right Time Background Checks

Every organization is different and has different needs. It may be that your organization does not currently need to do a background investigation for a new hire, but has numerous volunteers lined up. There are many junctures in the hiring of new staff and evaluation process for volunteers at which the background checks can be done. However, there are certain actions that can aid your organization in reducing liability. 

When should we be doing our background checks: Before an offer is made? After the offer is made and before employment? Or after employment has begun? We generally do the check after we make an offer and before employment starts.

Your organization is correct to time background checks on new hires after an offer of employment is made.

There are a lot of good reasons for this, but a big reason is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which requires you to notify an applicant of the reason you are withdrawing a job offer if you have used a vendor “credit reporting agency” to conduct the background check. (Some states have similar laws.)

If you conducted a background check before extending an offer of hire, the process would be more expensive, and applicants not hired because they performed poorly in an interview might believe that something on their background check in fact motivated the decision, and that you were not being forthright in so stating.

Drug Tests

In addition, states with drug testing laws typically require pre-hire drug tests to occur post-offer, and the ADA says that pre-hire medical examinations can take place only post-offer, after all other prerequisites to hire have been satisfied.

Perfect Timing For Background Checks

There are a few different times that conducting a background check is optimal. It all really depends on your business’s specific needs. Once the applicant has submitted their resume, the employer can simply request that they fill out a background screening request form to conduct a background check. In addition, hiring managers who usually conduct more than one interview in the hiring process can ask the candidate to complete a background check application form prior to conducting the next round of interviews. Lastly, employers can choose to offer the candidate the position on the condition that they pass the mandatory background check.

TeamSafe Screening | Youth Sports Background Checks in Westlake, OH

Today the majority of coaches and youth sports volunteers are required to undergo some form of background screening. The requirements for background screening vary from state to state however; there are recommendations for specific reports that will provide the necessary information you need to keep your athletes safe from predators and help you hire people you can trust.

TeamSafe Screening – Key Elements to Consider

  • You can access reports with a one-click search selection from your computer 24/7.
  • The results are accurate and if there is a negative result or any question regarding the report; TeamSafe will have the report confirmed by an experienced investigator.
  • The pricing is competitive.
  • There is an experienced staff available to answer your questions.
  • TeamSafe is a company that stays current with regulatory changes.
  • TeamSafe is FCRA compliant and provides all the necessary paperwork you need.

Click Here to Apply.

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