Effective Team Moms Without Hovering

Every Mom wants to support their kids and cheer them on – no matter the endeavor they choose to undertake! That’s why so many of us will follow our kids to every sporting event, cheering on from the sidelines, and boosting morale as needed. This is true even when we don’t really have any clue what’s going on!

How to be an effective Team Moms Without Hovering?

In the best-case scenario, these “team moms” can end up a valuable part of the team. Like home supports, team moms fill their young contenders with inspiration and motivation. Some might even find themselves carrying out useful tasks around the pitch/court/hall!

Team moms aren’t coaches or trainers, but they can be a part of the team. As long as they don’t become a nuisance! Here’s how team moms can help, without hovering.

Know the Game

This is an important first step. In order to really cheer your kids on, you need to understand when they’re doing well. Shouting bad advice is a particularly serious issue and one that can actually get your young ones into trouble!

Be Respectful

While it’s fun to cheer on your kids and they’ll certainly appreciate it, this shouldn’t come at the expense of your common decency. Do NOT put other kids down, do not argue with the ref, and keep the volume sensible. Not only does this avoid ruining the experience for other kids and other team moms, but it also avoids embarrassing your own superstar!

Injuries Will Happen

Perhaps the only thing worse for a team Mom is seeing their kid sidelined or unfairly sent-off, is to see them get injured. That though is a part of any sport, and it is a part of their learning experience. React appropriately, yes. But don’t freak out!

Offer Help

Speak with the coach and ask what you can do. Tell them you’re available to offer support, and then back-off. Don’t crowd, and keep in mind that yours probably isn’t the only offer they’ve had.

Know How You Can Help without Hovering/h3>

There are some things that any team Mom can do that will really help their kids. You’re not a coach, or a trainer, but you ARE a dietitian, a sports psychologist, a chauffeur, and more. In other words, your job is to ensure your child is well slept, well fed, fully recovered, and in the best state of mind possible when they arrive to play. Then your job is to pick up the pieces afterward!

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