Creative Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas - Team Safe Screening

Creative Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

When you can’t let a lack of funding get in the way, it’s time for creative youth sports fundraising. Many successful fundraising campaigns have realized young sports dreams in every sport from basketball through to chess. Here are some creative youth sports fundraising ideas that ensure nobody has to go back to selling Girl Scout cookies for cash ever again.

Creative Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

Online Crowd Campaigns

Online crowd campaigns have achieved funding success for many good causes and funded products: Everything from card games through to new technology have been launched through crowdfunding the idea – and the same is true for many charitable and sports-related causes, too. The right online crowd campaign has the potential to reach thousands of people in the blink of an eye.

A catchy online profile with enough information could help your cause and give you added exposure to a huge range of people that wouldn’t have known about your funding quest otherwise.

Connecting on Social Media

People feel more willing to give to a cause when they find it easy to relate to in some way or another. This means that social media is a lot more important to your cause than just a way to get people to see it: Interacting with your social media followers is also an excellent way to ensure that people are willing to support it.

Selling Merchandise

Hey, it’s not just the famous sports stars who get to hawk merchandise with their names on it. This can also be a great initiative for any budding sport stars who have someone to run an e-commerce site on their behalf. Cool merchandise is always popular – and it can be a great way to gather funds while still giving something back.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising isn’t something that occurs to most people, but it’s something that can pull vast amounts of traffic – especially if you get a listing on a popular website that’s already getting a lot of hits. Usually, banner ads are a lot cheaper than you might think, and combined with another funding option like an online crowd campaign it can help to increase reach for your cause.

TeamSafe Screening | Youth Sports Background Checks in Westlake, OH

Today the majority of coaches and youth sports volunteers are required to undergo some form of background screening. The requirements for background screening vary from state to state however; there are recommendations for specific reports that will provide the necessary information you need to keep your athletes safe from predators and help you hire people you can trust.

TeamSafe Screening – Key Elements to Consider

          • You can access reports with a one-click search selection from your computer 24/7.
          • The results are accurate and if there is a negative result or any question regarding the report; TeamSafe will have the report confirmed by an experienced investigator.
          • The pricing is competitive.
          • There is an experienced staff available to answer your questions.
          • TeamSafe is a company that stays current with regulatory changes.
          • TeamSafe is FCRA compliant and provides all the necessary paperwork you need.

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