Coach – Athlete Relationship

Sports performance is determined by many factors. Coach – athlete relationship is an important factor affecting sport performance. The coach – athlete relationship is defined by the interdependence and influence between coaches’ and athletes’ thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Relationships are the foundation of coaching and even though a relationship is a two-way street, it’s the coach’s responsibility to pursue a real relationship with their athletes. As a coach, you are entrusted to:
      • care for
      • protect
      • educate these kids

    Many of whom are dropped off at practice or games and left in your presence. But do you know what is considered an appropriate touch?

    Coach – Athlete Relationship

    Is it OK to:

        • Pat children on the shoulder or top of the head
        • Use high-fives
        • Pat children on the butt
        • Use side hugs
        • Use full frontal hugs
        • Touch children in any way without another adult present or in full view of others

    If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these, you’re wrong. It’s NEVER appropriate to pat children on the butt, use full frontal hugs or touch them without another grown-up present or in full view of others. This can be difficult as plenty of sports coaching requires some personal instruction, supporting, spotting and safety, but it’s imperative coaches follow these guidelines to protect their players and themselves from any perceived negative behavior.


    Protecting our children is everyone’s concern. The statistics are horrifying and frightening:

        • 1 out of 5 girls is sexually abused before they turn 12, and 1 of 4 before 18
        • 1 out of 8 boys is sexually abused before they turn 12, and 1 of 6 before 18.

    And even worse, many reports indicate that precisely because sexual predators target trusting environments where children are present, the incidence of child abuse is actually higher in the youth sports community. Statistics do not begin to describe the devastating consequences of child abuse.

    Background Checks

    Youth sports organizations have a critical role in protecting young athletes. A comprehensive coaching program that incorporates thorough background checks AND a child safety training course is the best way to accomplish this task.

    TeamSafe Screening | Youth Sports Background Checks in Westlake, OH

    Today the majority of coaches and youth sports volunteers are required to undergo some form of background screening. The requirements for background screening vary from state to state however; there are recommendations for specific reports that will provide the necessary information you need to keep your athletes safe from predators and help you hire people you can trust.

    TeamSafe Screening – Key Elements to Consider

        • You can access reports with a one-click search selection from your computer 24/7.
        • The results are accurate and if there is a negative result or any question regarding the report; TeamSafe will have the report confirmed by an experienced investigator.
        • The pricing is competitive.
        • There is an experienced staff available to answer your questions.
        • TeamSafe is a company that stays current with regulatory changes.
        • TeamSafe is FCRA compliant and provides all the necessary paperwork you need.

    Click Here to Apply.

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